Wednesday, May 29, 2013

when skirts attack

Really, is there anything worse than being pants'ed by your own skirt?

Let's ask Brenna....

As I was signing Brenna out from school yesterday evening, before going into her class to get her, the teacher at the front desk asked if her classroom teacher had called me.

Called me? Today? Uh, why would she need to call me?

I quickly think back to the morning: Nope, I didn't dose Brenna up with advil to hide a low grade fever before sending her to school (not that I would ever do such a thing). I mean, yes, she did have a runny nose but these days in our house a runny nose barely warrants a tissue.

I turn a wary eye to the woman at the front desk and say, "Noooooo..."

To which she quickly responds, 'Oh, its nothing. Brenna just fell down when she was playing outside and got some scrapes. They were lining up to come inside and Brenna ran away from the line and fell on the sidewalk. She's got bandaids and is ok.'

Uh huh. Ran away. Fell down. Bandaids. Got it.

This story doesn't actually surprise me particularly. Brenna has recently decided to try her hand at obnoxious and inappropriate defiance and disrespect, which she deems as being "funny" (though to most adults, and her mother in particular, is generally the opposite of funny). Its a lovely and so endearing combination. (ha!) But now at least I am reassured that this behavior isn't reserved just for me.

I finish signing her out and head into the classroom to find her looking distinctly wan. In addition to defiance and disrespect, she has been practicing her 'most pathetic look' and now has it down to a science. Unfortunately for her these looks often come on the tail of defiance and disrespect and thus their cuteness impact is somewhat tarnished.

Nevertheless, she comes running over and immediately holds up both elbows which are impressively covered in bandaids and announces "I falled down! On the playground!"

To which I respond, "Were you running away from Ms. Jody when you fell down?"

Affirmative nod. (At least she's honest, I guess.)
Me: Why did you do that?
B: Because I did...

At this point her other teacher, Ms. Tracy, says "Did you hear why she fell down?"

Wait? There's more? I just assumed that she fell because she is 3.5 and her eyes, legs and body don't always work in sync which results in her spending a lot of time on the ground or bumping into walls or other solid objects.

Alas, not this time. This time as her teacher told all the kids to line up to go inside, Brenna decides to be 3.5 year old "funny" and bolts out of line. At this point karma kicks in and as she runs away her skirt falls to her ankles and trips her which sends her sprawling across the concrete.

Yes. I'll admit it. The image of my child being pants'ed by her own skirt made me laugh out loud, even as she stood below me with her pathetic face and bandaid'ed arms outstretched saying "uppie!"

And, to to be completely honest, it still had me giggling 5 hours later.

Now the real question is, has this bit of instant karma taught her that running away when she's supposed to be lining up is a bad idea?

Somehow I doubt it.

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