Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Haikus inspired by my child

Not yet 8 am.
Screaming meltdown hurts my brain.
Being 5 is hard.

Did not imagine
my life as an indentured
servant to my child.

Mommy! Get it NOW!
I need this. Go pick up that.
Asking nicely? Gone.
It's raining outside.

Brenna, you need your raincoat.
Mommy, there's no rain.
is growing like a wildfire.
What happened to "please"?

She talks endlessly.
Can't deciper any meaning.
Mommy! Answer me!

Need to leave in 10.
Just socks and shoes to put on.
45 minutes later. Sigh.

Behavior at 5.
Does it predict teen years?
Don't think I'll survive.

To go outside, you
must wear clothes. Seriously??!
Why are you screaming?

Love her dearly, but
My patience grows quickly thin.
Good thing she is cute.