Monday, May 20, 2013

Hey! Who do I talk to about a do-over?

I'm beginning to mildew.

It has rained, and I mean, rained every weekend since it got warm enough for me to want to actually spend time outside.

raindrops keep fallin in my car....
Not soft, lovely spring rain. But crappy downpours with flood warnings that should be posted inside my car since the seal around my windshield has decided to give up the ghost and with every storm, if the rain comes from the right direction I end up with a swamp on the passenger floorboard of the car. (I'm not entirely sure what direction is the right direction but when it's coming from whatever direction that is, tsunami warning sirens should go off.)

When it's not raining, someone in the house is either sick, broken or both. Sometimes more than one person in the house. And sometimes it's also raining.

First we had the great bicycle crash of March 28.

10 days of intensive caregiving and it looked like everyone was back on their feet.

Then I got sick.

Then I got better.

That vertical thing poking out,
yeah, that's bad
Then we notice that we can see the ends of the bone fragments that used to be a continuous collarbone through Michael's skin. It doesn't take an advanced degree and 37 years of education to figure out that this probably isn't the way a collarbone is supposed to look after 3 weeks of healing.

A trip to the ortho for the post crash follow up and the next thing we knew we were in surgery to fix the collarbone that was supposed to fix itself.  Which leads to two more weeks of intensive caregiving.

Then the cat decides to go kamikaze on us while crossing the street. 

This brings us to May....and more rain.
Photo: That is some sh*ttastic weather. Feeling vindicated for bailing on the 6 hr race at Ft Yargo.

Did I mention the rain?

Photo: Hey look! It's raining. 



Then I get sick.....again.

And Brenna gets pink eye.

And I get a sinus infection.

I can't remember the last time I worked a full week without having to take a day, or days, off to care for myself or someone else. I'm having nightmares that I return to my office to discover that all my stuff has been packed in boxes and I've been fired for missing so much work. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I remember what the inside of my office looks like.

Oh look, another rainy weekend.

I'm running out of indoor weekend activities that will entertain a 3.5 yr old because it's too wet to play outside. 
pillow fort!!!
Meanwhile, Brenna's behavior has morphed into a very unpleasant version of 3.5 year old behavior highlighted by whining, screaming, tantrums, screaming tantrums, and whining screaming tantrums. This morning's gem included a meltdown because she deemed all of her shirts to be "regular", not "fancy" and thus, unwearable. I am beginning to question whether we will all survive Brenna's preschool years with our sanity intact. 

And to round out an awesome 6 weeks, on Friday night Michael came down with the flu. Like the real honest to goodness lay you out flat and make you wish you were dead flu.

I'm beginning to wonder who we pissed off in our former lives and what sort of human sacrifice is required to put things right.

But first I need to take someone to the doctor.

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