Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh, sparkles, how I used to love thee...

In a moment of feeling like super-craft mom I decided that I would give Brenna her “pink pumpkins” AND add a bit of pizzazz to her pink ladybug costume by buying pink glitter spray paint and painting both the pumpkins and her ladybug wings (which were red with black dots). 

So, this morning out I go to the yard with the wings, spray glitter paint and a large piece of brown paper to protect the “grass” (aka weeds, though why I thought they needed to be protected is a mystery to me now). I get everything set up and go to start spraying. 

First, I cant get the stupid top off the spray paint can. How many educational degrees does it take to do a simple craft?? Apparently, n + 1.

Finally, after cursing several times, I get the top off (not sure the cursing and top coming off can be considered a causal event but since one occurred before the other and I’m ignoring any noise in my data, I’m going with causal connection) and I go to town spraying…

Everything is going well, wings are getting sparkly, I'm having a ball, unitl.........The spray button gets stuck and suddenly I’m spraying the hell out of everything in sight just trying to get it to stop. 

In an effort to stem the flow, I take the button off the top of the can. I'm not sure what I thought this was going to accomplish but what ended up happening was an instant geyser of glitter and whatever clear coat paint the glitter spraying straight up into the air, my face, and any poor bug in the vicinity. (There is now an epidemic of glittery bees in Atlanta.) 

Quickly realizing my mistake, I jam the little button thing back on to the top of the can, but now the nozzle is pointed directly into my hand and my hand is suddenly coated with a thick layer of sparkly pink. 

I curse more (and briefly wonder why I didn’t make Michael do this). 

Finally, the spray stops of its own accord. I sigh with relief and try to wipe some of the globs of glitter from my hand onto the pumpkin. 

But the wings still need more sparkle. I mean, when you are 3 yrs old, is there even such a thing as too much glitter? So what do I do? I start spraying again. (Make that education requirement n + 2 degrees) 

Shockingly, the button gets stuck again. (Hmmm, maybe I should review the concept of causal connections?) And I am once again I am at the mercy of the glitter spray until it decides to stop of its own accord again. 

Nevertheless, in the end I managed to make the wings pink-ish and sparkly, 

the pumpkin has a pink sparkly sheen, 

and my right hand may be permanently covered in a thick layer (much thicker than anywhere else, mind you) of pink sparkles.

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