Tuesday, October 9, 2012

conversations with my toddler...

Conversations with my toddler: Part 1

There is really nothing more entertaining than hearing what comes out of Brenna's mouth next.

Last month after the first day of the MS 150, as we were all "resting" in my parents' hotel room:
My dad (Poppy) is resting on the bed and Brenna is bouncing/jumping up and down next to him
Poppy: Brenna, no jumping please. Poppy is recovering.
Brenna, laughing: You're not COVERED Poppy!

Yesterday morning on the way to school, in response to the suggestion that we go to pick out a Halloween pumpkin this weekend:
Brenna: "I want to get 3" (while holding up 5 fingers)
me: "That's 5. But 3 is good."
B: "I want pink ones, like I have at home" (referring to the neon pink plastic pumpkin candy bucket we recently bought)
me: "Real pumpkins don't come in pink. Only orange."
B: "But I don't like orange. I like pink."
Last night after her goodnight kiss & hug from daddy
B: Daddy is a boy. We are girls.
me: Yes, you're right. Daddy is a boy and we are girls.
B: When boys get big, they get boy faces
me: boy faces?
B: yes, boy faces when they grow big
me: you mean, like a beard?
B: no, boy faces
me: like scratchy faces? on their chin and cheeks?
B: yes. boy faces
Daddy was thrilled to know that he has a boy face...come to think of it, I'm pretty thrilled to know that I don't.

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