Thursday, October 25, 2012

Conversations with Brenna -Part two

While standing in the kitchen near the espresso maker...

B: Mommy, I want some coffee.
Me: (Thinking my hearing is going) You want some coffee?
B: Yes...  In a sippy cup.
Me: You want coffee in a sippy cup? (By now I am pretty sure she thinks I am both deaf and a little stupid)
B: Yes.
Me: Ummmmmm...

Really, what is there to say to a 3 year old who wants coffee in a sippy cup?

In the car...
B: Where are we going?
Me: We are going to get your hair cut.
B: Why?
Me: To make it pretty.
B: Like yours?
Me (Awww. She's the best kid ever.): Thank you sweetie.
B: Noooooooo! Don't want like yours!

Nuff said.

On going to the dentist for the first time...
Me: Do you think we should make an appointment for you to go to the dentist?
B (Displaying an unnatural level of enthusiasm): YES!
Me (suspicious): What does a dentist do?
B: He plays basketball.

Apparently, Michael Jordan is her dentist.

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