Thursday, August 14, 2014

3 weeks to go...but nearly $400 short of my goal

Good morning friends and family!

I want to start by saying to thank you to all of you for not cringing (ok, maybe you did cringe) when you saw this post appear on your facebook page.

It is getting to crunch time - I have 3 more weeks until the MS 150 bike ride but still have almost $400 to raise to meet my fundraising goal. Every little bit helps!!

With your donation, not only are you helping me to meet a goal (and possibly out-fundraise my dad!) but, more importantly, your donation helps the more than 400,000 individuals and families living with MS through research, advocacy, and support.

I also want to thank all of you who have already donated to my ride. Your gift (which, by the way, is totally tax deductable) means the world to someone living with MS.

If you haven't yet donated but are planning to, please consider taking a few minutes today to go to:

  1. National MS Society, Bike MS (click on "National...");
  2. Enter my name "Rebecca Leeb" and "NC" for the state;
  3. Make a donation.
Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy!

Thank you!!


  1. 'No results found' when using NC for the state. Only one match when I left it blank and entered your name - so I hope that was your page! Otherwise, someone else got the money I donated. Have a great ride! ��

    1. Thanks!! Even if it wasn't me, your donation went to a great cause.


  2. Use GA for the state, not NC, and you'll find her.