Saturday, June 15, 2013

Talking on the phone

From the conversations with my child files...

This morning I had my first real phone conversation with Brenna. She is spending the weekend with her sisters. She loves sleepovers. She loves her sisters. What could be better than combining the two for an entire weekend?

This is not her first time staying with her sisters but it is the first time I have gotten a call. At 10 this morning I got a text from Karen (Mel and Ella's mom) saying that B wanted to talk with me, could I call when I got a chance. My first thought was, uh oh, what's wrong? Has she done something that she has to call and tell me about - like barf in the middle of the living room carpet or take permanent marker to the walls or a scissors to her/Mel's/Ella's hair. So I messaged back that I would call in 5 min and was everything ok. Apparently, all was fine, she just wanted to say hi. 

Conversation went something this:

B: hi mommy!
M: hi sweetie! what are you doing?
B: [silence]
M: are you having fun?
B: Yes!!
M: are you playing, playing, playing?
B: Yes!!
M: What are you going to do today?
B: Um...I don't know.
M: Are you going to go swimming?
B: Yes!!
M: What did you have for breakfast?
B: mmffff..smmr..mffth 
(um, ok, not sure what that is)
M: That sounds yummy! Did you sleep and sleep all night?
B: Yes.
M: Did you sleep in Melany's room?
B: No, I slept in the fun room (the play room)
M: All by yourself?! 
B: Yes!
M: What a big girl you are! I'm so proud of you!
B: And I got a cookie!!
M: A cookie! As a treat? 
B: Yes!
M: What kind of cookie?
B (mumbling in the background): an Oreo!!
M: Lucky you. Is this the first Oreo you've ever had? (as far as I know it is)
B: No. (well, that's news to me)
M: Do you want to do another sleepover tonight or do you want to sleep at home with me?
B: Another sleepover!!!
M: Ok, I will talk with Ms. Karen about that.
B: Mommy?
M: yes?
B: um, um, um, um, um, um, um, um, um...
M: are you trying to think of a question for me?
B: yes. 
B: I love you mommy. bye.
M: i love you too sweetie!

It was the best phone conversation I think I've ever had and I can't believe I could actually have a real phone conversation with my baby. Such a big girl!

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