Saturday, December 8, 2012

"I saw it on Facebook"

Ever wonder what your preschooler is doing when you're not looking?

Brenna is looking at pictures on my phone.

(Aside: How is it that children seem to emerge from the womb with an innate sense of how to work all electronic technology? At 2 she could scroll through pictures on any touch screen electronic. By 2.5 she had figured out how to turn on all electronics and navigate to what she wanted. By 3 she can essentially tell me how to navigate my tablet and phone and fix whatever problems I might encounter.)

So, anyway, Brenna is looking at pictures on my phone and she comes upon this one of her with her Aunt Kate:

B says: Mommy! I see she! (She has complete command of technology but is still working on grammar - there must be some sort of cognitive theory about this progression of development that Piaget and Maslow didn't anticipate.)
M: Yes, that's you and Aunt Kate
B: Yes, but where is her?
M (not really sure what B is getting at): Aunt Kate is at her house with Uncle Kevin.
B: No. I know! I saw her on Facebook!
M: Facebook?! (Exactly when is my child cruising Facebook?? And, how am I not aware of this?)
B: Yes. Facebook. I saw her when I was a little baby.


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