Saturday, December 22, 2012

Erin has bunny rabbits in her ear

From the 'conversations with my preschooler' files...

Brenna is off of school for the next 2 weeks.
That means that mommy is off of work for the next 2 weeks.
Not exactly a tropical vacation but c'est la mommy vie, I guess.

Anyway, what does one do with a 3-yr old who is out of school in the days leading up to the National Celebration of St. Conspicuous Consumption (also known as Christmas - no offense meant to all my friends who celebrate)? Well, run errands and buy stuff, of course!

Brenna is back in her big-girl bed which means that she is, and consequently I am, up long before the sun, so we dawdle until around 8:30 am when I think at least some of the stores will be open. Maybe not the dry cleaners, but at least the ones participating in the mad shopping rush.

Brenna's self portrait
I load Brenna into the car and pull out of the driveway.
B: Mommy, what we going to do today?
M: We are going to run errands.
B: Why we going to run erins?
M: Because we...
B: I have a friend Erin.
M: You have a friend at school named Erin?
B: Yes, at school. I have a friend. Erin at school. She not at school now. She at home.
M: Oh. right. Your friend is at home with her mommy and daddy.
B: No. She not at school.
M: Yes, because school is closed.
B: No. She not at school because she got something in her ear.
M: She got something in her ear? What did she get in her ear?
B: A bunny rabbit!
M: A bunny rabbit??
B: Yes! She got a bunny rabbit in her ear!

Yes, I suppose getting a bunny rabbit in your ear would prevent you from going to school for a while.

Nola - not a bunny rabbit but if you put her in your ear you'd probably wish you'd found a bunny rabbit instead

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