Tuesday, September 13, 2016

MS 150 ride report - in rhyme (of course)

Because you haven't suffered through enough of my bad poetry over the last month, here is my entire MS 150 ride report in rhyme...

Day 1 - Sept. 10, 2016 - goal: 75 miles

Day 1 is done.
We had some fun.

The headwinds blew.
Alas, tailwinds...few.
Road kill ahead.
Are all possums dead??

Forecast is hot!
Salt stick, Gu shot.
Pbj for lunch.
Ooh! A beer! Thanks a bunch!
25 miles left to go,
Think we'll take this part slow.
This is a ride, not a race.
We set a leisurely pace.

75 miles. Well, a bit more.
Man! my tush sure is sore!
50 more miles to go,
But we'll leave that till tomorrow.

Day 2 - Sept. 11, 2016 - goal: 50 miles

Day 2 is now in the books.
Hot and windy. I am cooked!

Moment of silence to start the day.
National anthem, and bikes away!

Wait a second, let us pause
To remember the MS cause

Your support has helped a ton,
but the drive is not yet done.
Go here, friends, and donate now.
If you've done so, to you I bow.

Lots of sun. Clear blue skies.
The road is straight, not a single rise.
Wildflowers and dragonflies abound.
Butterflies, all around.

50 miles, now we're through.
Pretty sure my butt's black and blue!!
Let's get inside. AC! A fan!
OMG! Now, that's a bike tan!

125 miles we did endure.
To raise awareness for a cure.

Until next year, this job is done.
Thanks to all of you. You're #1!

And for those who prefer a more traditional thank you...

Dear all,

I have just returned from our MS 150 adventure and I want to say thank you to each an every one of you for your support, donations, thoughts, and positive messages. My dad and I had two fantastic rides, covering 125 miles, to raise awareness of MS and the need for research, advocacy and support for people with MS and their families.

Almost 2000 people participated this year and more than $1.3M was raised. With your donations, I was able to personally raise almost $1250, which may be an all-time record for me. ALL of this money will go to improve the lives of those supporting and those living with MS.

As promised in my many poems leading up to the event, you can read my ride report (also in rhyme) here: http://rtsfabblog.blogspot.com/ [don't click. you're already there. ;-)]

Thank you again!

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