Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Princess Zwilda will send you money in exchange for generosity

shockingly, Princess Zwilda bears striking
resemblance to Brenna
My name is Princess Zweilia and I am sad to informing you that your long-lost Siberian uncle twice removed has departed this earthly sphereacle.

However, he left me his will which ensures that if you are donating now to my MS 150 ride you will received $3,040,710.23 deposited automatically into a bank account which is of ultimate secrecy. 

No. Really. This is truth.

The good news is that this is bank account is so secret that you will never have to be reporting this income.  

Princess Zwilda lives here -
but only in the
Zika off-season
But you must to donate my MS 150 ride immediately as there are only 18 days left before we mount our carbon steeds and ride off into the sunset. Actually, the sunrise, but whose paying attention to that?

Also, bad news that I must share. Sadfully, this account is so secretive that the riches of your long-lost Siberian uncle must to remain lost.

So you must console yourself that you did a good deed and donated to a worthy and honorable cause.

Many thank yous for your generosity.

Her royal highness Princess Zwilda
aka rebecca - who is not a princess, does not know your long-lost Siberan uncle twice removed, and has far better grammar than this note

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