Wednesday, January 29, 2014

snow day recipe

It is the snowmageddon blizzaster in Atlanta. We are all stuck at home for at least 48 hrs...or until Saturday when the forecast high is supposed to be 65 deg. (No, I dont see anything weird about a 50 degree temperature swing over a 72 hr perioda0

With no school and a dead laptop, but plenty of power and southern snowstorm staples (bread, eggs and milk) Brenna and I baked.

brenna's snow day recipe for "apple pie"

flour - as much as you'd like - more is better...if you're 4 years old
multi colored sprinkles
chocolate jimmies
nestle's chocolate chunks
mini m&ms

a bowl
a wooden spoon
small rolling pin
a whisk
measuring cups in various sizes
cookie cutters - ours had a halloween theme...because everyone wants bats and pumpkins in Jan.

1. Have an adult put some flour in a bowl - the amount will be less than you want but if you whine about it you are likely to end up in your room by yourself. 
2. Mix by hand. A lot. - By hand means with your hands in the bowl
3. Add multicolored sprinkles
4. Add more sprinkles
5. Add chocolate chunks - these seem to be under adult control so you won't get as many as you'd like. 
6. Eat some of the chocolate chunks. (Dust the flour off of them before putting in your mouth)
7. Mix with your hands some more. Spill some on the floor and counter.

8. Pour mixture out of the bowl
9. Spread mixture on counter. Be sure to spill some more on the floor and your step stool or chair. Point out the spill to whatever adult is closest. If you are lucky, you will be right over a heating vent and can spill into the HVAC system
10. Return mixture to bowl (minus what falls on the floor and remains on the counter)
11. If you still have sprinkles, add more sprinkles
12. Request m&ms for your mixture. These are also adult controlled.
13. eat chocolate chunks and m&ms
14. Mix more. Use the whisk. This is sure to send stuff flying and is way fun.

15. Pour some mixture onto counter
16. Roll with rolling pin
17. "cut" with cookie cutters
18. Use your hands to push "dough" back together. 
19 Repeat all steps until you are done.
20. Be sure to drop more on floor and chair
21. By all means, manage to get the mixture in your hair

responses to important baking questions
B - now I need to add the apples
M - we dont have any apples
B - that's ok. we have sprinkles. how can you make apple pie without sprinkles?!
how indeed?!

M - how long does your pie need to bake?
B - 6!! Hours!! or 70. Yes 70!!
70 what I didn't even want to ask.

Note for adults who may wish to attempt this recipe with their own child:
This is an excellent way to clear out all those little bottles of cake decorations that have bee n haning out in the cabinet since the dawn of time.
Clean up may require an industrial shop-vac and high pressure hose so plan ahead
Entertainment value is worth the clean up.

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