Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The science of what not to feed your kid...

I love science. Especially science that can readily be applied to your life. This morning someone on one the listservs I'm on sent out a link to an article based on a study of the most common foods children choke on.
I particularly like #5 and #10 for their impressive specificity.

Here's the list of foods culled from the study that cause the most choking incidents:

1. Hard candy
2. Other candy
3. Meat other than hot dogs
4. Bone
5. Fruits and vegetables
6. Formula/breast milk/milk
7. Seeds/nuts/shells
8. Chips/pretzels/popcorn
9. Biscuits/cookies/crackers
10. Multiple specified foods
11. Hot dogs

#6 is a good one too.

As a whole, I would say that the public health message that I take away from this list is: You can protect your children from choking by killing them at birth.


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