Saturday, March 23, 2013

Likes, dislikes, and things you learn at school

More conversations with my preschooler...

Walking home from school we pass a restaurant.
B: What that?
M: That's a restaurant.
B: No. What IS it?
M: It's a restaurant. Like the restaurants we go to.
B (getting really irritated with me now): No! What it called?
M (oh!): It's called Cafe 360.
B: I don't like cafes.
M (this is news to me): You don't like cafes?
B: No
M (to my knowledge she's never been to a cafe): How do you know? Have you ever been to one?
B: No.
M: Then how do you know you don't like them? I like cafes.
B: But I don't like cafes. I like chicken nuggets!


Ha-beh-nation in captivity

Upon picking Brenna up at school she is very excited to show me the picture of a polar bear that she made. Under the assumption that her class learned something about the North Pole, or snow, or animals that like winter and cold I asked,
M: Where do polar bears live?
B: In a cage! Silly mommy!
(Silly Mommy indeed. Here I was thinking that they might learn about animals in their natural habitat.)
M: In a cage?
B: Yes! A cage.
No, wait. Maybe she said "cave" not "cage". I decide to explore this option.
M: What does the cage look like?
B: Like a big tunnel. I'm talking about ha beh nation!

Of course she is.

Important information Brenna has shared with me in the potty
B: Toothpicks are not for your tushie! (True that)
B: Don't turn on the lights
M: You want to go potty in the dark?
B: Yes, because I don't want to hear anything.

And finally, 14 reasons Brenna can't go to bed - from the mundane to the fanstastic:
I'm not tired.
My room is scaring me.
I'm still hungry
I need a flashligh
My nose/lip/leg/arm/hand hurts/other body part
I need a boo-boo (for an invisible owie)
My tummy is hot in my jammies.
My pull up is hot
My nightgown is too long.
I'm done sleeping (while standing in the living room at 9:45 pm dressed in her panties and holding a shirt)
I want to watch Mickey/Dora/[insert kid show here] on the tablet (at 3 am)
I have sand in my eye. (How did you get sand in your eye - stupid question, I know) Sara put it there. (No she didn't. You haven't seen Sara in 5 hrs since you left school.) Ok, Emma did it. (sigh.)

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