Monday, November 12, 2012

The Theory of Intergenerational Retribution

Theory of Intergenerational Retribution

  1. Proof that G-d exists.
  2. Proof that not only does G-d exist but s/he actually does listen to people's prayers.
    1. Specifically, proof that G-d actually listened to the prayers of your parents when you were a child.
      E.g., Remember all those times you did something in public that made your parents cringe? You know what your parents were thinking at that very moment? They were thinking: "I pray that one day you will have a child who acts just like you". And who knew it but G-d really was listening, taking notes, and waiting until you chose to procreate to make your parents' prayers come true.
Just remember that as you raise your child. I know I do.

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